Zobrazují se příspěvky z srpen, 2016

Erasmus Experience and Confession

I never was a person who would peacefully exist with no trouble and no conflict. Yet when I arrived in Finland, I was happy and I pretty much escaped some of the problems I was facing at home: for example I finally found a peaceful flat to live in with nice kitchen I could use for my experiments with cooking, a washing machine and the personal space I wished for for quite some time.

What I was missing was my boyfriend, my friends and time spent with my family and closest people. There was no meeting them after school, nor during the weekends. I am not the person who gets to know others easily and from time to time I felt very lonely - I missed a close friend.

However, the first two months were full of awesome adventures and new experiences in the nature, games, sauna, travelling and meeting new people. While skyping with my boyfriend, I mentioned many times we could actually move to Finland. Not that he was too happy about it.

People have heard me saying it was the darkness and the co…